The Justisse Charting App uses the Justisse Method (1987) designed by Geraldine Matus in response to women's expressed desire for fertility awareness and natural birth control education that gives information and support needed to self-manage menstrual cycle health (5th vital sign of health), as well as respects sexual and reproductive health choices.

Geraldine Matus
Founder of Justisse International ▶

The Justisse Charting App

The Justisse Charting App is a web application that teaches you how to observe, chart and interpret your menstrual cycle events and monitor menstrual health. You will know each day based on real time data (not predictions) whether or not you are fertile.

The Justisse Charting App is like your own virtual private teacher and there is no other fertility awareness app like it currently on the market.

By using the Justisse Charting App, you will learn how -- and never forget how -- to understand and interpret your own unique body and unique menstrual cycle, no matter what age you are, or why you need fertility awareness. You will be able to pass this knowledge on to your children and grandchildren and stop the cycle of misinformation and not knowing.

The Justisse Charting App gives you access to Justisse HRHPs, some of the best experts in the field, who will help you with your unique questions or concerns, and who will develop menstrual cycle health programs just for you.

Justisse Method HRHP Educators and experts Geraldine Matus, Lisa Leger, and Megan Lalonde (80 years combined experience) created the Justisse App's unique tutorial and charting rules.

From right to left: Lisa Leger, Laura Wershler, Geraldine Matus, and the new generation of HRHPs represented in this photo by Megan Lalonde, Amy Sedgwick, and Kaska Zerrafa.


The Justisse App on Mobile Devices

When we set out to build the Justisse App, we wanted to make it accessible to as many women as possible all around the world. The best way to achieve this was by creating it as a "web app" that anyone with access to a computer and an internet connection would be able to use.

Paid users visiting the web app with their mobile device will be presented with a mobile-optimized version that is intended as a supplement rather than an alternative to the main app. It is a convenient way to make daily observations while away from your main computer.
If you want to access the mobile-optimized version, then Support The App. Justisse is a not for profit corporation so all help from users is appreciated.

Who Made This App Possible?

Hundreds of volunteer hours have gone into the making of the Justisse Charting App and it is currently being maintained by volunteers.

The following benefactors and volunteers have made this app possible:

Our Benefactors



Lisa Leger
Megan Lalonde
Amy Sedgwick
Lesley Erskine
Jenny Koos
Constancia Johansson
Rose Yewchuk

And a special thank you to Bulgarian artist Stremena Tuzsuzova who gave life to the Justisse Method Mascot Wanda


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